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Make Bonnie’s bakery the most famous place around! Bake the best pastries to treat the villagers and make them happy. Bonnie’s Bakery is a game that will check your attentiveness and ability to work quickly. Will you be able to recreate Bonnie’s recipes?

Make a dessert for everyone

At the beginning of the game, you will find yourself in a café together with Bonnie. Her friend Bear just asked her to bake her delicious Red Velvet cake and the girl couldn’t say no. Despite not being the most experienced chef, you will do your best to prepare the most appealing piece of cake.

Bonnie’s café is a tiny room with only one table and a kitchen where she can create her culinary masterpieces. Grab a cooking book and choose the recipe that you need. There are only four of them, so you won’t get confused. Besides, the instructions are clear and simple. All you have to do is to mix the ingredients and use a few tools to finish the pastry.

After you give the cake to your friend and finish the learning, you will continue to play with other customers as well. Serve them what they have picked up and make it fast, as they won’t wait for you forever. You can make a couple of more desserts in reserve to optimise the process.

Try to play well and make the cakes correctly, as you will receive a better score. Depending on the time and quality of your pastry, you will get an appropriate number of points that you can see on the left lower corner of the screen. So, mix, cut, roll and make your customers enjoy your food!

Bonnie’s secrets

However, Bonnie’s Bakery is not just a pleasing game about cooking as it can look at first sight. There are horrible events that are happening in the town and Bonnie is the one who is responsible for it. The citizens are disappearing everyday and who would have thought that they are becoming the products for Bonnie’s dishes.

Now that you appear to be one of the animals, condemned to death, you need to somehow escape from the girl’s basement and tell everybody what is going on. The only more or less place in this prison is a cell where you are now. But you can’t stay there for long, as Bonnie will come for you.

Go around the underground and collect the pieces of the girl’s diary to understand her motivation and to learn how she came to slaughtering her own clients. Find a door and use the notes you have gathered to figure out the code. But make sure that your kidnapper doesn’t know you are not in your cell!