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Bonnie’s Bakery is a horror game about an adorable girl Bonnie and her suspicious café. From the start, you can see anything weird about Bonnie and her business, but later everything comes together. Play and reveal Bonnie’s hideous secret.

It is cooking time

Take part in one of the working days in the bakery. You will be baking goods and selling them to the citizens that decided to enjoy your tasty pastry. Once you see a client waiting at the table, rush to the kitchen to prepare the dish. You can make several kinds of pastries that you have in your cooking book.

The cooking process in Bonnie’s Bakery is not very hard, unless you don’t read the recipe carefully. The key to a good cake is a correct set of ingredients. Choose them on the shelf under your working space and mix in the mixer to get the dough. Then you may pour it into a round form, roll it down or cut down another ingredient. To finish the dessert, you will just have to put it in the oven.

Make sure that your clients don’t wait for their orders for too long. You will get maximum points for the orders that you served quickly. The scale above the head of the client will show their mood. If they get too disappointed, they can leave!

The other side of the café

However, after your first working day, the game gets an unexpected and shocking turn. Bonnie turns out to be the villain and now you will play for a citizen that was unlucky enough to be captured by her. Now, the only way to get out of the bondage is to decipher the lock on the door.

There are notes that are hidden around the location. Apart from some interesting facts about Bonnie’s story, they contain numbers that you can combine to get the right code. But don’t expect the girl to stand and watch the potential product getting out of her basement. She will immediately eliminate you, if she notices you.