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Dive into the story of Bonnie’s Bakery and discover unexpected facts about the successful bakery. Bonnie likes baking and one day she decided to set up a café where she could have sold her goods. The only problem is that she needs the ingredients, but has no suppliers. That is why Bonnie goes hunting for the ingredients from time to time.

In this part of the game, you are going to help her select a victim and gather some information about it, before murdering. Use your whiteboard to collect the data about the target and develop the perfect strategy on how to capture it.

After you choose one animal to kidnap, you are going to head straight to the town. You are going to watch the lives of the citizens and learn more about their occupation and business. While you will be listening to conversations, you may click on the characters and add what you have heard in your notebook.

You may also speak to the animals yourself and find something useful. It turns out that they know about the kidnaping, but don’t know who is responsible for that. It means that you should be even more attentive and try not to look weird, or somebody may guess what you are planning to do tonight.

Once you gather as many facts about the victim as possible, it is time to practise. Bonnie’s Bakery is a cruel game, so you should expect a lot of blood and violence. Use a hammer to crush the animals and hide the bodies into the bag. But beware the police that are patrolling the streets!