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Prepare some exquisite desserts in Bonnie’s Bakery! This game is focused on the life and business of Bonnie, a beautiful girl who likes cooking for the citizens. Recently, she opened her own bakery and now you will have to help her with serving the clients.

Make soft and delicious buns every day

Bonnie’s restaurant is not huge, so the girl can totally manage working there herself. Consequently, you will be both a chef and a waiter. So, you have to organise the process in a way that will allow you to bring the dishes to the customers as soon as possible.

To bake a new pastry, you should go to the kitchen. Look at the cooking book and decide what you are going to create today. New DLC added two more recipes to standard ones, so baking will be more fun! The instructions themselves have also been improved. Now you can see little illustrations to each step which is going to make you less confused.

For every satisfied client you will get some points. If you want to achieve a good result, don’t make them wait and provide immaculate service. However, now the project allows you to speed up this stage and just skip the customers to finally see the next chapter, which is much more exciting and hideous at the same time.

It is time to stock up

Obviously, Bonnie has to get fresh products for each working day. But where does she get them? You will be surprised to find out that the clients you have been serving food are the ones who will go under the knife. The girl doesn’t spare anyone, so you, as her prisoner, have to run away and not look back.

Her notes will help you to open the door that will lead you to desired freedom. And if Bonnie catches you after all, you won’t have a second chance. This will be one of several endings that you can get.

Although, the Bonnie’s Bakery DLC will introduce a whole new game mode! Take the opportunity to become a maniac and to get some limbs from innocent animals for your meat buns. Use a huge hammer to knock down your victims and wear a mask, so that you don’t get arrested!

From time to time, you will have to interrogate the police for them to check you. Try to pretend that you are not a criminal. You will see a radius around the police officer, where you have to behave normally. Most importantly, do everything quickly, as your target may have a pepper spray that will stun you.