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Bonnie’s Bakery Game Online Play Free

Help Bonnie with her cute café and bake different desserts together! However, Bonnie’s Bakery is one of those games that only seem innocent. Play this interesting project and find out what is the catch. You are able to visit the bakery on your pc. Also, there are hacks to make the game available on Android. Don’t hesitate to play now and participate in baking delicious goods for many clients!

Become a pastry chef

During the first part of the project, you are going to play for Bonnie, a charming girl who is into cooking. She has a little café where she sells her pastries to animals. Bonnie always has plenty of customers, so she needs a little assistance to serve them in time.

The gameplay is focused on the process of cooking itself. When you see a new client, you will notice his order right above him. There will also be a scale that shows how much time the consumer can wait. The faster you prepare the cake, the happier the visitor will be. You can have several visitors at the same time, so you need to decide, you have to serve the dish first.

To get your job done, go to the kitchen, which is on the right side of the restaurant. Here you will see kitchen appliances and ingredients that you can use in your recipes. A cooking book is at your disposal as well. Select the right recipe and start preparing it. Follow the instructions carefully, or the result will greatly differ from the picture. Apply your mixer to form the dough and then you can put it in the oven or roll it out and add some more products. To make your work easier, you can make several cakes in advance and sell it to a customer straightaway.

Get some fresh ingredients

However, Bonnie needs to refill her stock from time to time. It is important to work with the freshest products you can find! That is why after work the girl usually goes to get some meat for her famous meat buns. The second part of Bonnie’s Bakery is not as funny and delightful as the previous one. It turns out that Bonnie makes ingredients straight from the other citizens! And now you are going to be one of the victims that has just awakened in the cell with another animal. This panda was not so lucky and, unfortunately, can’t move anymore.

From now on, your main objective is to get out from this atrocious place. But the major problem is that Bonnie is here, too! In no case you should let her see or hear you. Sneak past the girl as hastily as you can. Even if she spots you, there will be a chance to survive by returning into the cell.

To unblock the way out, you will need to encounter seven notes with the numbers that form a code. They are hidden in the most unnoticeable places, so you will have to be extremely observant to achieve your aim. In addition, the notes will tell you more about the cafe. Depending on your actions, the game may end in different ways. You may escape or become a meal yourself. There are also other variants that you can receive by fulfilling a set of requirements. But only if all endings are gathered, you will figure out the whole story of Bonnie and her horrible bakery.